Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Galaxy Note 7 FE to be released on 7/7

Galaxy Note 7 FE to be released on 7/7

Galaxy Note7

Earlier this year, Samsung confirmed that its recalled Galaxy Note 7 could make a return as a refurbished phone and according to a report on Yonhap News and WSJ, Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 7 in a new avatar. The phone will sell as Galaxy Note 7 FE (as in fandom edition!) and will sell at a price tag of less than 700,000 won that comes to around $600.

While the new phone will have hardware features comparable to the recalled device, the new Galaxy Note 7 FE will have a smaller battery capacity.

If you recall, larger sized battery in the phone’s curvy design was the reason for the phone to catch fire.

There’s no information on the exact availability but South Korea will be the first market to get it.