Friday, June 16, 2017

Samsung explains how it designed the Galaxy S8′s user interface

The Galaxy S8 was designed to blend seamlessly into your life, enabling a more natural interaction between the user and the device, says Samsung — and that’s evident in the handset’s software. But how exactly did the firm create the seamless experience?

Samsung’s taken to its Newsroom to answer that question. However, instead of answering it with one simple answer, it’s decided to break it down into eight sub-questions, which various of members of its Mobile UX Innovation Team answered.

As is usually the case with these interviews, many questions we had were answered, including how it managed to design an interface that suits the build of the Galaxy S8 and where the inspiration for the new Samsung Experience launcher came from.

If you’d like to find out answers to these questions, hit the source link below to read the full interview over on Samsung’s website.