Friday, June 2, 2017

Samsung highlights the key features of its memory cards

If you’re shopping for accessories for your new smartphone, chances are you’re going to pick up a microSD memory card first before you buy anything else. Even though most handsets come with a decent amount of internal storage, the fact that most of us consume so much content on our smartphones leaves us all wanting for more storage.

Customers tend to prefer high-capacity memory cards and companies are adapting to provide them with the maximum possible storage in the microSD format. Research firm IHS forecasts that the total GB of memory card space sold in the market will more than double in three years.

Samsung is a market leader in memory cards, you can often get great deals on its memory cards, and it has now published a new infographic to showcase the key features of its products. Samsung’s EVO Plus range of memory cards promise read/write speeds of up to 100/90 MB/s. At this rate, you can transfer a 3GB 4K video from a PC to the card in just 46 seconds.

The company’s memory cards are compatible with a wide range of devices including but not limited to smartphones, DSLR cameras, 4K action cameras, drones, 360-degree cameras and more.

Check out the infographic below to find out more about Samsung’s memory cards.