Samsung Internet Browser is one of the many system apps that Samsung has unbundled and made available for download via the Google Play Store. The app has long been compatible with only Samsung smartphones.

Not too long ago, the company made the beta version of the app compatible with some non-Samsung devices. The beta version works with Google’s Nexus and Pixel devices. The non-beta version of Samsung Internet Browser now works with them too.

The beta version of the browser was released back in March this year. It allows the company to test new features for the browser with users who like using beta apps. New features are put to the test before they’re released for all users in the stable version of the browser.

Previously, only Samsung Internet Beta could be download on Nexus and Pixel devices. The Play Store listing for Samsung Internet Browser reveals that it’s now compatible with the aforementioned devices.

It’s possible that this support has been enabled for some time now. Samsung made the change quietly, then again, this isn’t something that requires a proper announcement. If you own a Nexus or Pixel you can head over to the Play Store right now and take the Samsung Internet Browser for a spin.