Friday, June 16, 2017

Samsung Pay now supports 38 additional banks in Australia

Samsung aims to ditch traditional wallets with Samsung Pay, its mobile payment service. Samsung has gradually been expanding the service to more markets across the globe. The company is also adding support for more banks and credit unions in markets where the service has already been launched.

Samsung has now confirmed that two million additional Australians will be able to use their Galaxy smartphones to make payments on the fly with Samsung Pay as the service has gained support for 38 financial institutions.

Credit Union Australia, Australian Unity and more can now make payments by simply tapping their Galaxy smartphone or Gear smartwatch at the point-of-sale.

Samsung Australia mobile division vice-president Richard Fink said that this deal which brings support for more financial institutions to Samsung Pay in Australia “brings us a step closer to helping customers replace their wallets with their Samsung smartphone or smartwatch”.

Even though it has been out in Australia for about a year now, Samsung Pay still lags behind rivals Android Pay and Apple Pay as far as support for financial institutions is concerned.

Android Pay currently supports 46 banks and credit unions while Apple Pay supports 50. Samsung Pay has reached 41 now and the company is looking forward to increasing the number in the near future.