Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Firmware update magazine: July 10, 2017

Last week, we introduced you to our new weekly Firmware Magazine. You can think of it as your go-to resource to find out which of your Samsung devices has received a new update or if it’s going to receive a new firmware update in the near future.

To keep things interesting, we present the Firmware Magazine in new designs every week. It will always include the important details about firmware updates such as the firmware versions, device model numbers, Android OS versions and the country where said update is out already.

The purpose of this magazine is to bring all of that important information about firmware updates to you, the reader, in a manner that’s easy to comprehend. So even if you’re new to the world of firmware you’ll have no trouble making sense of it all. Nevertheless, if you ever require assistance, you can always leave a comment down below.

We’ve embedded the magazine below so that you can check it out easily. Once you find the firmware that you’re looking for, just head over to our firmware section and download it for free.

(Tip: You’ll get much faster download speeds if you sign up for one of our premium membership plans.)