Monday, July 3, 2017

Samsung expands Newsroom initiative with one for the United Kingdom

Samsung’s Newsroom initiative is meant for providing customers in key markets with news, locally relevant developments and events in their native language. It has launched eleven newsroom sites so far for key markets like the United States, Russia, Mexico, India, Brazil, South Korea and Germany.

Just last week, the company launched a dedicated newsroom for Argentina as well. It’s not stopping there. Today, Samsung has announced the launch of Samsung Newsroom U.K. As you’ve probably guessed by now, it will be about all things Samsung in the United Kingdom.

Samsung Newsroom UK is going to keep customers and the media in the United Kingdom informed about the latest news. It will also feature coverage of local launches, services and the company’s citizenship activities. The information hub will be used to share Samsung’s business insights and vision as well.

Samsung isn’t going to put a stop to this initiative after launching dedicated newsroom sites for a dozen markets. It plans to continue expanding these local newsrooms to share stories with more regions in their native language.

Samsung Newsroom U.K. is live now and can be accessed via the following URL:

P.S. These sites essentially serve as PR machines for Samsung so if you’d like to read the real stories and opinions, keep visiting SamMobile. :)