Samsung handled the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco in a very responsible and positive way. It started doing everything it can so that such a blunder doesn’t happen again. The company has been taking anything related to the battery quite cautiously and seriously. It implemented an 8-step battery testing procedure and even created a whole new team to design, produce, monitor, and inspect parts.

The company is now looking to hire more battery experts from Europe and the US. It has reportedly started hunting for battery experts outside its home country. According to a latest report from The Investor, it is looking for candidates who have a master’s or doctorate’s degree in battery science, with their specialties being battery materials and cell development.

Apparently, the company’s HR executives in the US have already interviewed some candidates, but there haven’t been any appointments yet. Moreover, the company is also looking to accelerate the development of solid state batteries, which are known for being resistant to catching fire and have much higher power density compared to Lithium-Ion batteries.

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